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Hi Hi! So glad you made it here!!


Here you will find recipes to help you navigate through the world of  gluten, dairy, and FODMAP free living! I am a typical MN girl.. I hate the snow but just can't muster up the courage to leave my family and the beautiful MN seasons behind.


9 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and thought things just simply couldn't get any worse. Well I was very wrong... Since then I have been diagnoses with severe Raynauds, Kienbocks Disease, IBS, the diagnoses of Scleroderma, and even fought (and won) quite the battle with an Eating Disorder.


So, I sound like a bit of a mess eh? Well, everyone has struggles in life whether that be with their health, family, finances, or even self-esteem; I am simply choosing to share the hurdles I have overcame to hopefully help others do the same! 


A person is more than their struggles so here is just a bit about me: 

  • I've fostered 3 pups and "foster failed" on my adorable pooch Bentley! He is my everything!

  • I have one heck of a handsome fiance who is the most kind hearted person in the world!

  • Grew up with wonderful parents, a talented brother, and a genius of a sister. 

  • Auntie to truly, the worlds cutest niece- don't try to argue with me on that one ;) 

  • Small Town living but will be moving back to the suburbs shortly.

  • LOVER OF CANDY & candy loves me. I can't get enough gummy candies! 

  • An animal lover is an understatement.. I truly think I would put animals above almost anything... including candy ha!

  • Obsessed with pickles and olives

  • Could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life

  • Have an old soul- and hate to see hate of any kind in the world

Enough about me, if there is anything else you want to know about me, simply send me a chat here on the site, or DM me on my instagram Bloated Belly Co. account. So wonderful to meet you all and I hope you enjoy my recipes!


Xoxo- A



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