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About Bloated Belly & Co.

9 years ago, after suffering from horrible stomach pains, daily sickness, migraines, & intense bloating, I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. The day I found out I had to start a Gluten-Free diet I had one last hoorah, and raced to all of my favorite fast food places to get in my last bites of gluten! How was I going to survive a life of being gluten free especially knowing I was about to head to college in a year. College was known for 4 years of eating pizza & drinking beer.. aka GLUTEN!

Removing gluten from my diet helped for a few years, but when new and more intense symptoms arrived I made countless doctor appointments. Several doctors, even those at the Mayo in Rochester felt that I was in my head, as I was already on a Gluten Free diet. It was not until about the 5th doctor and about 3 ER trips later, when I finally found the doctor who changed my life. He advised me to also cut out dairy & begin the FODMAP diet.

Following the FODMAP diet while eliminating all gluten & dairy, didn't only decrease my symptoms, but it completely changed my life.

Now I can't say life is completely back to normal. Going out to eat, eating at friends & families houses is still quite the struggle. When I say I can't have gluten and follow a FODMAP diet they look at me like I walked straight out of Orange County. This sadly, is not something I can help you fix. However, the recipes I will be sharing will be so mouthwatering good, that when you do bring them to share with family & friends they will wish they were gluten, dairy, and FODMAP free (OK, maybe I took that a tad too far).

However, the Bloated Belly & Co. was created to provide recipes to help you feel not so restricted in your diet and to cut out that bloat! It is so great to meet you and I hope you enjoy the recipes! Xo, A


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