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Erbs & Gerbs Gluten Friendly Menu

Ever dread going out to eat, as when you ask for the gluten- free menu you tend to get a small eye roll? Or you tell the staff you have a gluten allergy and they chuckle under their breath? I would bet that most everyone, can think of at least one time they received this reaction. If not, I bet you have ordered from a "gluten free" menu but have had your salad delivered to you with a bread stick on it, or a soup delivered with croutons, or fries that are cooked in the same oil as breaded chicken strips... the list goes on and on!

If you have a food allergy, you understand how difficult it can be to go out to eat and find a restaurant that truly understands the importance of cross contamination. For this reason, I wanted to take the time to spread my knowledge about Erbert & Gerberts, because... they get it!!

The staff at Erbert and Gerberts are trained and follow a special "gluten- friendly" procedure for all of their gluten-free guests! Each location has their own gluten- friendly utensils & ingredient kit, to whip up one tasty and gluten friendly sub for you- oh and no eye rolls ever occur here ha!

The three subs that are completely gluten-friendly are: the Boney Billy; a classic turkey breast sandwich; the Comet Morehouse; made with ham and provolone cheese; and the Jacob Bluefinger; which is a vegetarian option made with provolone and avocado! The gluten- friendly ingredients available are kept separate and covered until used. These ingredients include:

  • Mayo

  • Lettuce

  • Tomato

  • Avocado

  • Turkey

  • Ham

  • Provolone

Not only do they offer gluten free bread and ingredients, they also offer gluten free soups & chips, to pair with those delicious subs. Now that I have made your day AND your mouth water, grab your friends or family and head on over to to check out their full menu! Or order online, for delivery to your home!

Xo- A

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